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As one of the fastest and most reliable PS5 console repair and Nintendo Switch game console repair providers, Advanced Technology Solutions proudly serves the gaming community of Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding areas. Our experienced technicians can diagnose and repair almost any issue you may have with your PS5, Nintendo Switch, or another game console.

Commonly Reported Problems with PS5

Even as Sony’s latest Playstation model, there are still some commonly reported problems with the PS5 console. While some issues can be resolved with power cycling, a hard reset, or installing software updates, other issues may require professional PS5 console repair services.

  • Uninstalling games after ejecting a disk
  • DualSense controllers drifting, disconnecting, or not holding a charge
  • Overheating during regular gameplay 
  • Video or audio glitching
  • Power flow issues when using an external storage device
  • Internal storage disruptions
  • USB or HDMI ports stop working
  • System crashing or bricking in rest mode
  • Unable to reboot in safe mode
  • It does not turn on

If your PS5 has sustained damage from impact, moisture, or overheating, or is not working correctly for an unapparent reason, bring it to Advanced Technology Solutions – one of the area’s leading PS5 repair shops, as soon as possible. As a top-rated PS5 console repair center, we offer fast, affordable, and reliable services that will have you gaming again in no time.

Commonly Reported Problems with Nintendo Switch

Released in 2017, the Nintendo Switch is expected to have a lifespan of five to nine years, depending on user habits. However, many gamers have reported glitches that they cannot fix with power cycling or a simple reset. In these cases, it is best to seek advice from a qualified technician to prevent further damage to the system.

  • Joy-Cons drifting or randomly disconnecting from the dock
  • Screen freezing or flashing
  • Unexpected or rapid battery drainage
  • The cartridge port is unresponsive
  • Unable to connect to the internet or hold a stable connection
  • Stuck or dead pixels
  • Bent or cracked console
  • Storage issues
  • Damage from heat or water
  • It does not turn on even when fully charged

The Nintendo Switch is designed to handle wear and tear as a versatile, portable gaming console system. However, some damage or internal malfunctions may cause your Nintendo switch to fail – but there is no need to replace your system! The friendly and experienced repair techs at Advanced Technology Solutions can diagnose the problem, repair the console, and return your Nintendo Switch as fast as possible. From cracked screen repairs to Joy-Con replacements, we can handle any issue you may have with your console.

Contact Us to Schedule Console Repair

Some gamers attempt to repair their consoles or believe they have to buy a new system when theirs seems inoperable. However, it’s best to employ qualified experts at Advanced Technology Solutions in Cary and Raleigh, NC, to help. We can fix virtually any gaming console at reasonable prices.

Our specialty is in Nintendo Switch and PS5 console repair, but we also support MAC and PCs, iPhones, Androids, and many other devices. Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation or repair for your gaming console.


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