Motherboard Repair Service

Advanced Technology Solutions offers a fast and affordable motherboard repair service for computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. As the most crucial component of any electronic system, a motherboard must be in perfect working condition for the device to function correctly. If the motherboard in your computer or device is damaged or worn out, bring it to the trusted repair technicians at Advanced Technology Solutions, and we will repair the damage in no time.

What is a Motherboard?

Every computer has a motherboard, or logic board, which acts as the primary communication hub between critical components such as the central processing unit and hard drive. This circuit board controls power flow and computing functions in every computer, smartphone, tablet, and smart device. If a motherboard is faulty, damaged, or not functioning correctly, the device will fail to boot and be rendered useless. When this happens, you should contact a computer motherboard repair service provider rather than trying to fix it yourself or buying a new device.

Attempting to repair your own device’s motherboard can result in further damage or even personal injury unless performed or supervised by a trained professional. Replacing the device or motherboard will cause any stored data to be lost. The most recommended option is to bring your device to a trusted motherboard repair service provider. There they can restore any damaged components or connectors safely and without such a significant risk of data loss.

What Are The Signs of a Damaged Motherboard?

If your device is not working properly, check for signs of a damaged motherboard. These include:

  • The device does not turn on
  • A blue screen with or without error codes is displayed
  • Monitor freezes or glitches
  • Hardware or components are not recognized (USB ports, RAM, etc.)
  • The central processing unit (CPU) restarts on a loop
  • The device is extremely slow or unresponsive
  • The motherboard casing overheats or smells like it is burning
  • The motherboard is bent or bulging

If your computer or device shows signs of a damaged motherboard, seek immediate assistance from a qualified technician. In most cases, a professional can provide efficient motherboard repair service without compromising saved data, using micro soldering techniques explicitly designed for microelectronics.

What Does Micro Soldering Motherboard Repair Entail?

Micro soldering is a technique that requires microscopic equipment to connect microelectronics and small wires to their respective components. When a motherboard is damaged or missing crucial components, a specialized repair technician will examine the circuit board under a micro soldering microscope and determine what repairs are needed. Each damaged part is repaired or replaced with extreme precision at a rework station, then re-examined to ensure success. After fixing the motherboard, it is reconnected to the rest of the original system and tested.

When it comes to micro soldering motherboard repair, relying on trained professionals with access to the proper equipment is essential. Attempting to repair a damaged motherboard without training or specialized equipment can cause more damage or even a total loss of the device.

Contact Us for Reliable Motherboard Repair Service

If your device shows signs of a damaged motherboard, contact the experienced folks at Advanced Technology Solutions in Cary and Raleigh, NC, for the most reliable motherboard repair service. Even if you are unsure why your computer, phone, or console is not working, a qualified technician may recognize the signs of a damaged motherboard within a few minutes of troubleshooting.


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