Computer Repairs: How to Know When It’s Time to Repair Your PC or Mac

Laptops have a lifespan of around three to five years. Desktop computers last five to eight years. The latter probably lasts longer than the former because you can often replace parts on a desktop.

However, you may not need to get a part replacement on your desktop. You may also not need to get a laptop computer replacement. In many situations, computer repairs are enough.

So when should you take your PC or MAC computer to the computer repair store? Read on to learn some of the common signs.

Compatibility Issues

It’s not always possible to replace parts on a PC or MAC desktop. Certain hardware pieces may not be compatible with each other.

For example, a new CPU or motherboard may not “get along” with your other computer components. You may need to replace several parts to get your computer to work properly. This may be out of your budget range at the moment.

Before you buy a new part, check to see if it’s compatible with your other parts. If not, consider getting a PC or MAC desktop repair instead. Your older parts should keep working for a longer time.

Computer Usage

What do you use your computer for? If you use your computer for work, you may need to get new parts that can improve your computer speed. The same situation can apply if you like PC gaming.

For example, you’ll need to constantly up your processing speeds if you edit videos for a living. If you play complex video games, you’ll need to update your graphics card often.

If you use your computer for internet browsing alone, a PC or MAC repair will probably be enough. Such activities don’t require fancy technology, so spending money on new parts would be a waste. You can keep getting MAC or PC repair after repair on old parts and they’ll stay reliable for years.

Solving Issues

You can find plenty of PC and MAC troubleshooting for laptops articles on the web. But these won’t always help you solve your laptop issues. You may end up believing that a part or computer replacement is the only way to fix your issue.

Before you do that, though, consider stopping by a computer repair store. The PC or MAC laptop repairs you get may be simpler than they seem. If so, you’ll end up spending a lot less on a repair than a replacement.

Yes, this is a bit of a gamble. The repair person may recommend that you get a replacement, too. But if so, they can help you get an accurate replacement and recommend secondhand shops if necessary.

Get Computer Repairs From Us

There’s no need to waste a lot of money. Computer repairs can be a lot cheaper than replacing a computer or many computer parts. For this reason, a replacement should be the last resort.

If you need a phone, laptop, or desktop repair, consider our services at Advanced Technology Solutions. Call us or send us a message today about your problem. We’ll respond as soon as possible.


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