Is It Worth It to Repair a Gaming Console?

Times are getting tough, and inflation is at record levels. The days are gone when people would purchase a new phone every year. Around the globe, everyone is trying to make their electronics last longer, and that includes their gaming consoles.

Console problems are nothing new, from the red ring of death on Xbox to the blue line of death on PlayStation. You’d assume it would be cheaper to send your device in for gaming console repair than to purchase a new one. But in some select cases, console problems may require a repair that costs more than a new device.

The question becomes: is gaming console repair worth it? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of console repair vs. purchasing a new video game console.

Pros of Gaming Console Repair

So you are experiencing console issues. If you’re not tech-savvy, these technology problems might seem to be more trouble than they’re worth. You’d rather bite the bullet and purchase a new console than go through the slog of customer service and RMA.

However, in certain cases, technology repair can get your device up and running just as it was before–and for a good price. Let’s discuss some of the situations where gaming console repair is your best bet.

When It’s Cheaper to Fix it than Buy a New One

Before you consider replacing a console entirely, look at your pricing options for technology repair. Get a quote from a shop you trust. You may discover that the technology issues you’re having only require a quick and affordable fix.

Of course, this depends on the price of your console and how old it is. If it costs less than $100, then it’s probably a good idea in any case to fix it.

But suppose you have a newish console, one that you recently purchased for $400. Suppose a repair for it runs you about $350. In that case, it might just be worth a new purchase.

There may be other issues lurking beneath the surface that could rear their ugly heads later on. There is a good chance that a console showing technology issues early on will have more that are not yet apparent.

When It’s a Simple Fix

You’d be surprised how many fixes are as simple as a hot swap. A new video game console made in the past 5 to 10 years often has interchangeable components. All it requires is a bit of technical know-how to replace them.

For example, many PlayStation owners can easily swap the HDD for an SSD with a screwdriver. If a hard drive happens to go bad, it is a cheap and easy fix for your local technician. That said, we recommend that you do not crack open the case unless you know exactly what you were doing; it’s best to take it in for a repair instead.

Even issues with the motherboard or a heat sink are easier to fix than you might think. A broken connector or some dry thermal paste is fixable in a couple of hours at most.

If you can’t diagnose the issue by yourself or with the help of the Internet, have a technician take a look. There’s a good chance they can fix it right then and there.

Cons of Gaming Console Repair

Naturally, there are some situations where gaming console repair is not the best solution. In these cases, it’s best for you to head to a retailer and buy a new video game console. The console problems may cost an arm and a leg to fix, making it a waste of money to try and get them fixed.

When the Technology Problems Are too Expensive to Fix

Some console problems go much deeper than a bad hard drive or some old thermal paste. For example, when the APU on a PlayStation burns out. Sony does not make it easy for anyone–even a skilled technician–to exchange the APU for a replacement component.

Further, some game console manufacturers do not make it easy to obtain certain parts. You can purchase an SSD from any major consumer electronics distributor. But the custom APU found in a PlayStation is not something that Sony makes available on the market.

Sony may allow you to send in the console for an RMA. This technology repair will resolve any issues, but it will cost you a fortune to do so. Unless you have a special warranty, you will be paying out-of-pocket to get this fix taken care of.

In that case, it’s better for you to purchase a new video game console instead. You will likely get a new unit without any console issues like the previous one.

When It Is an Old Unit With Parts That Are Difficult to Find

Suppose you have an older console, such as the PlayStation 3. Production on these units stopped years ago, as did production of the parts they use.

It could be very difficult to find replacement parts to fix a PlayStation 3. The tech that it uses is outdated, and few companies may still have those replacement parts. If they do, they will come at a considerable markup since they are very hard to find.

Plus, an older console will be cheaper to purchase secondhand. You could find a used PlayStation 3 in working condition from Craigslist for less than $100. Meanwhile, a replacement motherboard for a PlayStation 3 on the Internet might cost much more than that.

Fix Your Console with Advanced Technology Solutions

When the price of eggs is as expensive as it is, many people would rather consider gaming console repair than buying a new device. In many cases, such as a small fix, it makes far more sense to send your unit to a skilled technician. But in a handful of specific situations, it may be better in the end to purchase a new video game console.

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