What Not to Do When Your iPhone Gets Wet – Tips and Strategies to Save the Day

Everyone thinks they have the answer when they’ve accidentally soaked their iPhones. Unfortunately, this technology magic rarely works out, and numerous iPhone users with wet or damaged devices find themselves taking the walk of shame to the nearest technology repair store after they try an at-home remedy that fails. There’s no need to feel uncomfortable about going, but instead of visiting an Apple location, there may be a more affordable option you can try.

As a technology repair store offering iPhone repair in Raleigh, Advanced Technology Solutions has seen a fair share of customers sharing their MacGyver repairs that they think actually work.

We’ve all heard about dunking a water-damaged device in uncooked rice to dry them out or using a hair dryer to alleviate a waterlogged mobile device. The truth is, these repairs simply don’t work. Waiting too long to bring the device in for iPhone repair in Raleigh can make issues worse.

DON’T Do This with Your Wet iPhone!

Never Dry an iPhone in Uncooked Rice

We can find recommendations from resources all over the internet outlining how submerging a phone into uncooked rice for 24 to 48 hours can alleviate waterlogging. While there may be a grain of truth to the idea of placing your phone in another material, rice is not that grain. Rice is notably less absorbent than other resources like cat litter, oatmeal, or silica gel.

Never Turn on the Phone

While we all understand the eagerness to check if your iPhone still works after a swim, turning the phone on while still wet can cause short circuits in crucial components. If your device remains on after taking a plunge, carefully and quickly turn the power off before contacting a professional.

Never Break Out the Hairdryer

Anyone with a soaked iPhone will want to remove the moisture from the device as soon as possible. Unfortunately, heat from sources like hair dryers and heat guns with an untrained hand can warp the iPhone’s interior. These methods can cook a device from the inside and lead to additional damage.

Never Soak a Phone in Alcohol

Alcohol is an excellent solvent. However, this is the last thing you want in an electronic device application. Your iPhone is a delicate piece of technology. Alcohol can effectively melt fragile glues in the phone interior. Rubbing alcohol works great for cleaning an iPhone’s surface but won’t bring a water-damaged device back from the dead.

Dehydrate Your iPhone Properly

The most effective way to dry a mobile device is by working from the inside. The first thing to do is dismantle the iPhone and remove the battery to avoid potential damage from short circuits. Once you’ve dismantled the device, remove the water from every part of the iPhone by gently wiping it with a soft, dry cloth.

Now that you’ve taken the phone apart, you can take out the hair dryer. Take caution, though. You must keep the dryer on a low setting, avoiding keeping it on for longer than a few seconds at a time. Don’t use a heat gun or hairdryer on the battery whether you’ve plugged the power source back in or not.

Finally, please wait until your phone cools before turning the device back on.

Consult with an Expert to Repair Your Device

If you cannot perform the previous steps alone, bring your device for iPhone repair in Raleigh from an expert. Advance Technology Solutions is a technology repair store with trained specialists that can help you dry out the components in a matter of minutes. We’ll minimize any potential water damage and save your phone.

From water-logged phones and tablets to iPhone screen repair in Raleigh, NC, we can help. For more information on repairing your damaged device, contact us today.


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