Why Micro Soldering Your Motherboard Is the Best Repair Option

Every year, technology gets more and more advanced. These advancements have created a trend of making devices—especially smartphones and tablets—smaller and smaller. It seems the shape and size of smartphones are becoming thinner with each updated model. That is where micro soldering comes into play.  

While having an incredibly powerful piece of technology right at the tip of your fingers is beneficial, these changes have made repairing technology more difficult. Brands have changed the integral parts of their products to be more compact, complex, and integrated. This integration, however, has done away with the old method of attaching each component separately from each other.

A few years ago, charging ports, graphics processing units (GPUs), central processing units (CPUs), and more were modular components with the purpose of being easier to replace. This is no longer the case. These components are attached to the motherboard of these devices, making repairs much harder–but not impossible. This is a specialized technique used to repair or even replace these small integrated components on a motherboard. This soldering repair technique is the most beneficial solution for damaged devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. 

What is Micro Soldering?

Micro soldering is a specialized skill that has become more relevant in recent years. This technique requires expertise in technology repairs and access to specially designed soldering tools. Micro soldering can be used to fix many problems, even down to laptop motherboard repair. In simple terms, micro soldering is similar to welding, just much less explosive. 

Micro soldering is the process of attaching very tiny component pieces to a motherboard using a filler metal that acts as a binding agent for wires and other metal components. Soldering metal is advantageous because it has a lower melting point than the components preventing them from being damaged. This repair technique allows you to replace pieces of a motherboard instead of purchasing a new motherboard which is costly.

Specialized tools are required for micro soldering motherboard repair. The tools needed for this are a specialized microscope, micro soldering iron, hot air gun, micro soldering multimeter, micro-tweezers, appropriate software, and solder material. A microscope is needed because the components of a motherboard are very tiny and typically described as being as small as a grain of rice. The micro soldering iron is similar in shape to a pencil but the tip of it heats up to melt the solder material that acts like glue to connect components to the motherboard.

A multimeter is also necessary to do a motherboard repair. This multimeter is used to detect the voltage of a component which is important to know for your own safety and as confirmation that the part is working properly. Micro soldering software is similar in that it tells you what each component is connected to on the motherboard.

Other tools—such as micro-tweezers and a hot air gun—are also essential for motherboard soldering repair. Micro-tweezers allow for better manipulation of the microscopic component pieces that are too small for a person’s hand or fingers. A hot air gun is necessary for heating up the soldering joint, warming the solder material, and desoldering.

Micro soldering is a complex technology repair technique that’s becoming increasingly in demand as technology changes to more complicated pieces. This process is also very beneficial for multiple reasons other than necessity.

Benefits of Micro Soldering

Although it is a complex process that requires expert knowledge and skills, there are various benefits to using micro soldering for motherboard repair services. These benefits include being cost-effective, having plenty of easily attained components, and faster repair times.

The main benefit of micro soldering is that it’s cost-effective. You’ll find that it’s much cheaper to buy the components needing to be repaired than it is to buy a new motherboard. Components—including resistors, capacitors, inductors, connectors, and microchips—are typically very inexpensive, ranging from a few cents to a few dollars. 

For comparison, a new motherboard generally costs a few hundred dollars with more expensive ones costing in the thousands. Doing a component level motherboard repair is much more feasible than buying a new laptop. Motherboard repair processes are also beneficial because the components are easily attainable. 

Many components (like resistors and capacitors) are made the same way regardless of brand. The specifications for these components are identical, so there are plenty for repair shops to stock up on or for you to buy yourself.

Another benefit of micro soldering is that it is much quicker than other motherboard repair alternatives. The repairs do not take as long as the shipment of a new motherboard or a whole new device. This is beneficial for both parties as the owner of the device that’s under repair can get their device back sooner and the repair shop increases revenue with satisfied customers that are likely to come back.

Common Type of Repairs

This beneficial technology repair method is used for many repairs. A few of the most common issues that can be repaired by micro soldering include but are not limited to the following:

  • Touch Screen Issues
  • Back Lighting and Display Issues
  • Charging Port Issues
  • Damaged Connector Replacements
  • Battery Component Issues

If you are experiencing any of these issues, a micro soldering motherboard repair is your best option for saving time and money. There are plenty of options available, whether you find and purchase motherboard components yourself or find a technology repair shop to do everything for you like Advanced Technology Solutions.

At Advanced Technology Solutions, we offer many technology repair services for devices such as smartphones, personal computers (PCs), laptops, and gaming consoles. We also have micro soldering motherboard repair services. We can fix common issues like audio problems, touch disease, and charging problems in Android, Apple devices, and more!


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