4 Common iPhone Problems and Solutions

52% of people say they would spend anywhere from $200 to $599 on a smartphone. Meanwhile, nearly 42% of people say they would be willing to drop over $600 for a smartphone. That’s a pretty big investment!

With as much as we pay for phones these days, you’d think they’d be invincible. Unfortunately, we all know that is not the case.

So, when you start having iPhone problems, it is a much smarter decision to get your phone repaired than replaced.

At Advanced Technology Solutions, we’ve seen it all when it comes to the reasons people get their phones repaired. Yet, these four problems are the most common iPhone issues our customers experience.

1. Cracked Screens

As iPhones have advanced, Apple has started making them even less durable. Phones are sleeker, thinner, and more glass-riddled than plastic cellular devices of decades past. That’s why it’s so easy to end up with a broken iPhone screen.

But the addition of glass is not the only reason your smartphone screen shatters so easily. Newer iPhone models are bezel-less, meaning there is little buffer between the screen and the ground if you drop it.

2. Water Damage

iPhone 7 and beyond may be water-resistant, but that is not the same thing as being waterproof. Your smartphone can still get damaged or even stop working if you drop it in the ocean.

What’s more, “water resistant” does not mean your phone can withstand a soak in other liquids. Beverages, lotions, and even gasoline can cause serious damage to your phone.

3. Non-Functional Charging Ports

If your iPhone won’t turn on when you charge it, this could be a sign that your charging port needs repair. In most cases, this happens because the port is damaged or blocked.

A skilled iPhone repairman can identify whether your port needs cleaning, repair, or replacement. Replacing your charging port may be pricey, but it will cost much less than getting a new phone entirely.

4. Your Battery Drains Too Fast

Another one of the most common (and annoying) Apple problems is the quick-draining battery. Do a battery check to identify if an app is draining your battery’s juice or if a bigger issue is at hand.

In other cases, a battery that drains too fast has either failed or is swelling. You should bring your phone in for repair services ASAP. Avoid trying to repair or replace the battery yourself, as lithium-ion batteries can be toxic.

iPhone Problems? Call Advanced Technology Solutions in Cary, NC

Broken screens, water damage, and battery problems are the top reasons customers visit our iPhone repair shop. If these issues happen to you, you can save money by calling a local repair shop instead of buying a new phone.

Are you dealing with one or more of these iPhone problems? Whether your phone breaks or you keep getting a black iPhone screen, we can help. Find a location in the Triangle and stop by to get your phone back up and running.


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