How Long Does the Battery Last on Apple Products?

If you own an iPhone or a MacBook, you’re likely familiar with battery health and longevity. The lifespan of these batteries is a critical factor in your daily tech experience. Here’s a guide on how long Apple batteries last and when you’ll be needing an Apple battery replacement. iPhone Battery Most batteries are good for […]

iPhone Screen Repair: Quick Fixes for Cracked Displays

When faced with a broken iPhone screen, many people are tempted to simply replace the device altogether. However, before making that decision, it’s important to consider the benefits and considerations of fixing a broken iPhone screen. This article will delve into this question and explore why our team at Advanced Technology Solutions is the go-to […]

4 Common iPhone Problems and Solutions

52% of people say they would spend anywhere from $200 to $599 on a smartphone. Meanwhile, nearly 42% of people say they would be willing to drop over $600 for a smartphone. That’s a pretty big investment! With as much as we pay for phones these days, you’d think they’d be invincible. Unfortunately, we all know […]

Should You Repair a Broken iPhone or Get a New One?

Did you know that Americans drop their phones at least four times a week? It’s an unfortunate part of our reality that the things we use to connect to people around us are so easy to drop and break. On top of this, iPhones are known for breaking due to progressive cracking. The cracked iPhone screen […]


The new generation of Sony consoles also came with a massive size increase and orientation change. Unlike the PS4, the 5th generation stands upright. Due to the tendency for the new PS5 to easily fall over, game console repair companies have seen a spike in requests for services. The most commonly requested service is the […]


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