Is It Worth It to Repair a Gaming Console?

Times are getting tough, and inflation is at record levels. The days are gone when people would purchase a new phone every year. Around the globe, everyone is trying to make their electronics last longer, and that includes their gaming consoles.

Console problems are nothing new, from the red ring of death on Xbox to the blue line of death on PlayStation. You’d assume it would be cheaper to send your device in for gaming console repair than to purchase a new one. But in some select cases, console problems may require a repair that costs more than a new device.

The question becomes: is gaming console repair worth it? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of console repair vs. purchasing a new video game console.

Pros of Gaming Console Repair

So you are experiencing console issues. If you’re not tech-savvy, these technology problems might seem to be more trouble than they’re worth. You’d rather bite the bullet and purchase a new console than go through the slog of customer service and RMA.

However, in certain cases, technology repair can get your device up and running just as it was before–and for a good price. Let’s discuss some of the situations where gaming console repair is your best bet.

When It’s Cheaper to Fix it than Buy a New One

Before you consider replacing a console entirely, look at your pricing options for technology repair. Get a quote from a shop you trust. You may discover that the technology issues you’re having only require a quick and affordable fix.

Of course, this depends on the price of your console and how old it is. If it costs less than $100, then it’s probably a good idea in any case to fix it.

But suppose you have a newish console, one that you recently purchased for $400. Suppose a repair for it runs you about $350. In that case, it might just be worth a new purchase.

There may be other issues lurking beneath the surface that could rear their ugly heads later on. There is a good chance that a console showing technology issues early on will have more that are not yet apparent.

When It’s a Simple Fix

You’d be surprised how many fixes are as simple as a hot swap. A new video game console made in the past 5 to 10 years often has interchangeable components. All it requires is a bit of technical know-how to replace them.

For example, many PlayStation owners can easily swap the HDD for an SSD with a screwdriver. If a hard drive happens to go bad, it is a cheap and easy fix for your local technician. That said, we recommend that you do not crack open the case unless you know exactly what you were doing; it’s best to take it in for a repair instead.

Even issues with the motherboard or a heat sink are easier to fix than you might think. A broken connector or some dry thermal paste is fixable in a couple of hours at most.

If you can’t diagnose the issue by yourself or with the help of the Internet, have a technician take a look. There’s a good chance they can fix it right then and there.

Cons of Gaming Console Repair

Naturally, there are some situations where gaming console repair is not the best solution. In these cases, it’s best for you to head to a retailer and buy a new video game console. The console problems may cost an arm and a leg to fix, making it a waste of money to try and get them fixed.

When the Technology Problems Are too Expensive to Fix

Some console problems go much deeper than a bad hard drive or some old thermal paste. For example, when the APU on a PlayStation burns out. Sony does not make it easy for anyone–even a skilled technician–to exchange the APU for a replacement component.

Further, some game console manufacturers do not make it easy to obtain certain parts. You can purchase an SSD from any major consumer electronics distributor. But the custom APU found in a PlayStation is not something that Sony makes available on the market.

Sony may allow you to send in the console for an RMA. This technology repair will resolve any issues, but it will cost you a fortune to do so. Unless you have a special warranty, you will be paying out-of-pocket to get this fix taken care of.

In that case, it’s better for you to purchase a new video game console instead. You will likely get a new unit without any console issues like the previous one.

When It Is an Old Unit With Parts That Are Difficult to Find

Suppose you have an older console, such as the PlayStation 3. Production on these units stopped years ago, as did production of the parts they use.

It could be very difficult to find replacement parts to fix a PlayStation 3. The tech that it uses is outdated, and few companies may still have those replacement parts. If they do, they will come at a considerable markup since they are very hard to find.

Plus, an older console will be cheaper to purchase secondhand. You could find a used PlayStation 3 in working condition from Craigslist for less than $100. Meanwhile, a replacement motherboard for a PlayStation 3 on the Internet might cost much more than that.

Fix Your Console with Advanced Technology Solutions

When the price of eggs is as expensive as it is, many people would rather consider gaming console repair than buying a new device. In many cases, such as a small fix, it makes far more sense to send your unit to a skilled technician. But in a handful of specific situations, it may be better in the end to purchase a new video game console.

Advanced Technology Solutions is your one-stop shop for computer, console, and phone repair. Feel free to visit one of our locations to get an estimate on the repair cost for your device. If not, drop us a line, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

4 Common iPhone Problems and Solutions

52% of people say they would spend anywhere from $200 to $599 on a smartphone. Meanwhile, nearly 42% of people say they would be willing to drop over $600 for a smartphone. That’s a pretty big investment!

With as much as we pay for phones these days, you’d think they’d be invincible. Unfortunately, we all know that is not the case.

So, when you start having iPhone problems, it is a much smarter decision to get your phone repaired than replaced.

At Advanced Technology Solutions, we’ve seen it all when it comes to the reasons people get their phones repaired. Yet, these four problems are the most common iPhone issues our customers experience.

1. Cracked Screens

As iPhones have advanced, Apple has started making them even less durable. Phones are sleeker, thinner, and more glass-riddled than plastic cellular devices of decades past. That’s why it’s so easy to end up with a broken iPhone screen.

But the addition of glass is not the only reason your smartphone screen shatters so easily. Newer iPhone models are bezel-less, meaning there is little buffer between the screen and the ground if you drop it.

2. Water Damage

iPhone 7 and beyond may be water-resistant, but that is not the same thing as being waterproof. Your smartphone can still get damaged or even stop working if you drop it in the ocean.

What’s more, “water resistant” does not mean your phone can withstand a soak in other liquids. Beverages, lotions, and even gasoline can cause serious damage to your phone.

3. Non-Functional Charging Ports

If your iPhone won’t turn on when you charge it, this could be a sign that your charging port needs repair. In most cases, this happens because the port is damaged or blocked.

A skilled iPhone repairman can identify whether your port needs cleaning, repair, or replacement. Replacing your charging port may be pricey, but it will cost much less than getting a new phone entirely.

4. Your Battery Drains Too Fast

Another one of the most common (and annoying) Apple problems is the quick-draining battery. Do a battery check to identify if an app is draining your battery’s juice or if a bigger issue is at hand.

In other cases, a battery that drains too fast has either failed or is swelling. You should bring your phone in for repair services ASAP. Avoid trying to repair or replace the battery yourself, as lithium-ion batteries can be toxic.

iPhone Problems? Call Advanced Technology Solutions in Cary, NC

Broken screens, water damage, and battery problems are the top reasons customers visit our iPhone repair shop. If these issues happen to you, you can save money by calling a local repair shop instead of buying a new phone.

Are you dealing with one or more of these iPhone problems? Whether your phone breaks or you keep getting a black iPhone screen, we can help. Find a location in the Triangle and stop by to get your phone back up and running.

Should You Repair a Broken iPhone or Get a New One?

Did you know that Americans drop their phones at least four times a week? It’s an unfortunate part of our reality that the things we use to connect to people around us are so easy to drop and break.

On top of this, iPhones are known for breaking due to progressive cracking. The cracked iPhone screen is a symbol of our times.

So what should you do with a broken iPhone? Should you try to get it fixed, or should you cut your losses and get a new one?

This article will walk you through the pros and cons of each option.


The biggest advantage of replacing an old iPhone is convenience. You’re not going to need to wait for your old iPhone to get fixed, and can keep your life moving as smoothly as possible.

On top of this, Apple is a famously fast-moving company. New iPhone models come out almost every year, and if your phone is relatively old, you might be several models behind. This might seem like the perfect opportunity to finally catch up with your peers.

There are also some relatively cheap options for buying iPhones. Backmarket is a great resource for buying cheaper, re-furbished technology.

Of course, there’s also the excitement of buying something new and starting over. There’s always a certain lightness and freeness to this that can tempt you to take this option.


The biggest advantage of iPhone repair is the cost. Even though buying a refurbished iPhone is a relatively cheap choice, it’s still nothing compared to some of the low prices that you can get on repairs if your iPhone isn’t totaled. Sometimes, it can get down to as low as a third or quarter as much as buying. a new iPhone.

Phone repairs are localized. Sometimes, a very simple malfunction in a small part of your phone can cause the whole phone to go haywire. You might think you need a full replacement when all you need is some very small adjustments.

One of the biggest disadvantages of getting your iPhone repaired is the time it takes to repair your phone. However, if the problem is small and localized, you can get the phone repaired in a matter of hours — sometimes within the visit to the repair store.

It’s also likely that all your data will be saved. This means you’re not going to lose precious photos, memories, texts, etc. This is something that’s usually not possible when you buy a new phone.

Repair a Broken iPhone If You Can

Everyone’s situation is different — but if you can, you should absolutely repair your broken iPhone. It might be tempting to buy a new iPhone, but this will save you your data, money, and time.

If you find the correct service, you can even learn a little about technology and the iPhone.

For more information on repairs for iPhones, contact us today.

The Essential Factors to Consider When Hiring a Computer Repair Shop in Raleigh

Like most people, your computer is probably a part of your daily life. Whether you use your computer to work from home, stream your favorite shows, or just check your email, when said computer malfunctions in any way, it’s generally a frustrating and stressful experience. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. When you have a problem with your computer that you can’t troubleshoot by yourself, it’s important to find a reliable and trustworthy computer repair shop to fix the issue. And with so many businesses in Raleigh relying heavily on technology, it can get overwhelming trying to pick out the perfect computer repair shop.

Here are some important factors to consider when hiring a computer repair shop in Raleigh.

Experienced Technicians

When you’re looking for a computer repair shop in Raleigh, arguably one of the most important things you want to look for is the experience and knowledge of the technicians at each shop. Make sure that wherever you go, the technicians have a strong background in computer repair and maintenance. It’s also smart to look for shops that have been in business for at least several years and are respected within your community. The technicians should have experience working with both gaming PCs and Macbooks, as well as a variety of hardware and software issues.

Good Reputation

Along the same line as above, it’s important to research the reputation of the computer repair shop. You can look online at reviews on places like Yelp and Trust Pilot, and also be sure to ask for recommendations from friends and family. Good repair shops will have mostly positive reviews and repeat customers, will respond to negative reviews in a positive and helpful way.

Up-to-Date Certifications

You should also look for certifications from reputable organizations (and make sure they’re current). Having certifications like CompTIA A+ and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) show that the technicians have had a lot of training and a solid tech background, and also give the shop more credibility. Certifications like these show that technicians are qualified to handle complex computer issues.

Good Customer Service

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a computer repair shop in Raleigh is their customer service. Make sure to look for shops that prioritize customer satisfaction and have a track record of great customer service. You’ll want a shop that has clear communication, quick service, and a positive, helpful relationship with customers.. A good repair shop should keep you informed throughout the repair process and provide a clear and detailed explanation of the issue and how it was fixed. They might even give you some tips on how to prevent it from happening again, if possible.

Warranty and Guarantees

The best computer repair shops in Raleigh offer warranties and guarantees on their work. A warranty or guarantee gives the customer peace of mind and ensures that if the same issue happens again, you can bring your computer back to the shop for a free repair. Ask about the warranty or guarantee policy before choosing a repair shop.

Fair Pricing

Of course, finding a place that has fair pricing is always an important part of choosing a computer repair shop. You should look for a shop that offers fair and competitive pricing, but keep in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best option. You’ll want to look for shops that offer transparent pricing and list out a detailed breakdown of the cost of the repair.  If they aren’t willing to break down the cost and seem hesitant to give you detailed pricing information or information of any kind, it’s probably best to keep looking.

Convenient Location

When choosing a computer repair shop in Raleigh, consider the location of the shop and if it’s convenient for you. Is it close to your home or to your work, or do you have to take a lot of time out of your day to drive back and forth? A shop that’s closer to you can save you transportation money and most importantly, time.

Why Choose Advanced Technology Solutions

Finding a reliable computer repair shop can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. If you take into consideration all of the points listed out above, it can really help you find a reliable and trustworthy repair shop that can quickly and efficiently fix your computer issues.

If you’re looking for a shop you can trust, Advanced Technology Solutions is here for you. We not only have a strong team of technicians, but we’re also committed to building strong relationships with our customers and neighbors. We know that when technology breaks it has a real impact on your daily life, so we take the time to understand what you need and how to help you as quickly as possible.

We’re not limited to Raleigh, as we handle computer repair, console repair, and cell phone repair in Cary, NC, and beyond. We offer many services, all with the same high degree of skill. We’re here to help with your technology needs. Give our services a look today!

Gaming PC Repair

A gaming PC is an essential object to a gamer. Often these pieces of equipment are custom modified by their owners to be powerful computers capable of handling the most robust games on the market. These have graphics cards with the power to process the visuals of MMORPGs. They also have vast memory far above the standard levels of a regular PC or laptop.

What Are the Common Issues Gaming PCs Face?

Gaming PCs and laptops might be specialized machines, but their problems are similar to any other device. These are just some of the issues facing gaming PCs. 

  • The graphics card often struggles or stops working 
  • The motherboard, the central technology in the PC, ceases to function and can require replacement
  • A power supply might suddenly short out
  • The hard drive fails to boot up
  • Viruses will wreak havoc upon a machine
  • The RAM stops working or needs replacing

These are all issues that require gaming laptop repair or gaming PC repair. While all of these can be a significant burden to the serious gamer, the excellent news is a quality repair shop like Advanced Technology Solutions knows how to restore or even upgrade your computer.

The Best Repairs for Gaming PCs

Gaming PC repair takes many forms, all of which will maximize the power of your machine. Repairs require specialized knowledge, which a quality technician has. Here are just a few of the top maintenance for gaming PCs. 

One of the central gaming computer repairs is restoring your PC to operate the fastest. This can take the form of upgrading the RAM, installing more RAM, or replacing faulty RAM. A professional will also handle tasks like virus and malware removal to ensure the computer runs smoothly. 

Replacing the graphics card can be more complicated than expected, and a professional will ensure it is done correctly. A quality shop will install a new card within hours. 

But nothing is more important than replacing a motherboard. This highly sensitive gaming PC repair is critical to ensuring your computer can function correctly. This repair must be carried out by a professional as improper repair will increase the damage to the machine and put the user at risk for an electrical shock. 

Advanced Technology Solutions

Advanced Technology Solutions is proud to be the leading computer repair shop in the triangle area. Located in Raleigh, NC, we’re pleased to handle everything from PC repair to phones. We’ll upgrade your computer to make it run like new. We also offer preventative measures like virus prevention software. Whatever it takes to make your PC run, we’ll do it. Explore our services today.


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