Get the Scoop on Apple’s New iPhone Buyback Program Here

Tech lovers around the world are excitedly wondering about features that’ll be available on Apple’s new iPhone 5s that’s out soon. In the days leading up to that release though, something else has caught the attention of savvy iPhone users: The launch of Apple’s buyback program. Following Suit of Other Retailers Physical stores like Best […]

Slow Computer? Here’s Some Advice

Does your computer move at a snail’s pace nowadays? Is it driving you crazy? If your computer seems to be getting slower and slower all the time, chances are that it’s bogged down with what many of us, in our industry call, bloatware. Or, it could have a virus or malware  program running that you’re […]

Help! I Broke My Phone and I’m Under Contract

Is your smartphone broken but under contract? What can you do? What can you do when you’ve broken your cell phone (or it simply stops working) and you’re in a multi-year contract with your cell phone service provider?  Of course this generally happens after your warranty has expired. Unfortunately, you have very few options and […]

Sync your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and PC

Want to Sync your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and PC in real time, with no wires? Advanced Technology Solutions whole heartedly recommends you have a look at our partners GetSync’d for the best solution around for keeping all of your email, contacts, calendars, and reminders is sync across all devices..


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