Is It Worth It To Fix an Android Phone?

Deciding whether to fix Android phones or get a new one can be a tough call. This decision often comes down to things like how much it’ll cost, if you can get the parts you need, and how old or beat-up your phone is. In this guide by Advanced Technology Solutions, we’re going to look […]

Cheap Iphone Screen Repair

Cheap Iphone Screen Repair At Advanced Technology Solutions, we understand how important staying connected is. We have most service parts always in stock and ready to go! A cracked LCD or a broken iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android device can cause total disconnect, We service Raleigh, Cary, Apex, and the greater Triangle area. Advanced Technology […]

Help! I Broke My Phone and I’m Under Contract

Is your smartphone broken but under contract? What can you do? What can you do when you’ve broken your cell phone (or it simply stops working) and you’re in a multi-year contract with your cell phone service provider?  Of course this generally happens after your warranty has expired. Unfortunately, you have very few options and […]


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