Help! I Broke My Phone and I’m Under Contract

Is your smartphone broken but under contract? What can you do?

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What can you do when you’ve broken your cell phone (or it simply stops working) and you’re in a multi-year contract with your cell phone service provider?  Of course this generally happens after your warranty has expired.

Unfortunately, you have very few options and all of them will cost you money. But some options are more cost effective than others.

It’s important to read your contract carefully. Some providers will let you buy out the cell phone for a prorated fee (based on how many months are left in your contract) and let you start on a new contract. Others will require you to buy a new phone out of your own pocket and add it to your contract. If you mostly use a phone for work, then consider using these voip systems instead to avoid these situations. 

Fixing Your Phone

There are services (like ours) that will help you fix your smartphone. It might be less than you expect, too.

Various cell phone repair services are available, including:

  • iPhone screen replacement ,
  • water repair damage for iPhones, Androids, and more,
  • audio port repair,
  • charging port repair,
  • button repairs,
  • LCD or touch screen repairs,
  • and more. (Talk to us about our smartphone phone repair services)

There are times, of course, when you’ll opt to simply buy a new phone instead of fixing your broken phone but it’s advantageous to investigate the cost of cell phone repair versus replacing it, particularly if the phone is fairly new and /or you’re still very early on in your contract.

Raleigh Smartphone Repairs

If you need help with iPhone repair, Android repair, or PC repair, we can help. Advanced Technology Solutions is in Raleigh, NC and can help with other issues, too, such as locked phones, too. Learn more about us, contact us, or feel free to stop in or give us a call at 919.615.3074.

(Image: Flickr/Robert Nelson)

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